Job Transition Note

Brothers and sisters,

Well we knew the day would come when Navigant decided to cut me loose and that day was today. There’s so much to be thankful for I don’t think I can fit it into one email but I’m going to try to highlight some of the reasons we can glorify the King of Kings in this.

· Navigant provided a salary that far outpaced our needs. God gave us the chance to be generous for a long time and still save money for the layoff we expected was inevitable. God granted us discipline in the way we spent money and a conviction that it is His and not our own leaving us few regrets over how we used the income He provided during the 2+ years I have been here.

· Navigant is keeping me on the payroll thru 5/14, meaning all our health benefits are paid for May. Had they made the termination effective today, we would have been on our own starting tomorrow. This saves us both money and frustration.

· By telling me today I can avoid this weekend’s Chicago trip and make the last K Group of the season! (Duane will still get to teach it)

· I got to spend this past week at a conference where I met many old friends including some who want me to do consulting work for them. My boss is going to try to get Navigant to let me take all this work with me to do as an independent contractor. Had they made the decision a month ago, I would have missed both this conference and the one I attended in New Orleans two weeks ago where so many good contacts were made.

· The timing is fortunate as we consider how we can become better trained servants of the Most High God thru training in biblical counseling. It could be that we have an opening to take two graduate level classes in June that would have been very difficult to do while working and travelling so much.

· I have the best wife ever to help me deal with the letdown of losing a job. Even though we considered it inevitable, I’m sure there will be times where I’ll need a wife who loves me a lot to cheer me up. God looked through time from eternity past and made me the perfect wife for just this moment!

· Most of all, I have a God who does not value me because of my great job or impressive resume but simply because He has set His love upon me. I know that as the hymn writer said “whatever my God ordains is right” and that the path set before my family now is precisely the very best path for me to walk. His love for me is not conditional on my performance and his acceptance of me is irrevocably earned by the performance of Another. God is so good.

Thank you for your prayers.


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