Job Transition Update #2

Thanks to so many who have inquired about how we’re doing with the transition to my independent consulting business. I’d like to provide a little update.

So far things are progressing far better than we would have initially thought. Navigant’s willingness to waive virtually all of my non-compete agreement helped me retain clients without any ethical concerns. They have even continued to refer clients to me as companies approach them about business continuity issues.

I have been able to build a network of about a dozen other independent consultants who can use each other on larger consulting projects. I think many of my opportunities will be higher end things that are very targeted to my skill sets, but it’s great to know that if clients ask me to do something that requires more intensity than a one person consulting firm can address I have teammates waiting in the wings.

I have had several great projects, including some clients who have already budgeted for my time again next year. The idea of repeat clients is really important to me so I’m not starting at zero income every single year. Some of the companies Ive worked for have already asked me to quote fees for phase 2/3 efforts. Even if only half of these are signed I will be a very busy camper.

Of course in all of this we are living in God’s grace. I like the term I heard the other day – “dependent responsibility”. We are always dependent on the Lord to ultimately care for us, but we are responsible to put forth maximum effort as well. This is true in every aspect of our life, but with respect to my transition to independent consulting it means I have to provide really stellar customer experiences and wise counsel that makes them want to keep doing business with me. I often think of Proverbs 21:5…

The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.

How I ask Kristen to pray for me regularly is that I would plan wisely and work diligently, so feel free to pray the same way.


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