How to Pray for Your Wife

I didn’t plan to pick up this book at a book table hosted by our church but over a few hours of thinking about it I did and am very grateful.

The premise of the book is very simple. It looks at various statements made about a godly woman in Proverbs 31 and after discussing them, turns them into ways you can pray for your wife. The verses are broken up so that there are 31 different entries. Each entry is only 2 – 3 pages and includes a spot for you to jot down specific prayers for your wife related to the topic and record how God has answered your prayers. I have already been blessed by it in seeing new but wholly Biblical ways to pray for my wife. The second part of the book includes some helpful thoughts on effective marriage but it’s only a small fraction of the total content.

Most of the Christian men I know want to be more systematic about praying for their wives but have trouble figuring out how. This book does just that. It also has greatly helped me appreciate Proverbs 31 in a way I hadn’t before. This is not a chapter only women should be meditating on! It’s helped me to guide my wife and my daughters into the kind of women our Lord wants them to be.

It is a book I will keep in my office to remember to pray for my wife (the bright red cover will help with that!)

Jesus our Example

I’m getting ready to preach on Sunday December 19 on the practical impacts we should see in our lives based on the fact that Jesus came in the flesh as a person. My emphasis is not going to be as some have done on the theological importance of the incarnation or how we ought to be the body of Christ today – showing mercy as He did. It will be how His example should alter how we perceive and respond to life’s issues.

I am amazed to see all of the ways I should be affected by His life and how little I am. He gave up comfort, perfect fellowship with the Father and Spirit, peace, the praise of angels, and so much more. If Jesus was God and gave up all this for me, how can I not also be ready to give up all that I hold dear for Him?

I hope to add several more posts on my meditations as I prepare.