Answers to Prayer by George Muller

George Muller was an 19th century Christian leader in England who took the Lord’s command to look after orphans and widows in their distress very seriously. He build and maintained orphanages caring for thousands of kids over time never once asking any person for a penny to support the work. He also built works around Bible and Gospel tract distribution and foreign missions with the same dependence solely on the Lord. The book is essentially a collection of Muller’s journal entries with some corresponding background to help explain the circumstances surrounding the entries. It is extremely well done and being Kindle free makes it even better. The book is clearly worth spending some $$ on.

Throughout the book I was repeatedly moved by the intensity of this man’s faith. Although he repeatedly said he did not believe he had any special gift of faith, I don’t know whether I could aspire to count on God the way this brother did, even in the direst of circumstances. Journal entries covering six decades of work in building and sustaining orphanages provide a well rounded view of how his faith remained consistent over time.

Here is one of his purpose statements for recording these things for us:

Now, if I, a poor man, simply by prayer and faith, obtained without asking any individual, the means for establishing and carrying on an Orphan-House, there would be something which, with the Lord’s blessing, might be instrumental in strengthening the faith of the children of God, besides being a testimony to the consciences of the unconverted, of the reality of the things of God.

More than once in the book he professes great thanks for the many trials that he endured because they increased his faith and dependence on God. This could be the most striking element of the book to me. Listen to how he explains this aspect of his Christian walk:

The more I am in a position to be tried in faith with reference to my body, my family, my service for the Lord, my business, etc., the more shall I have opportunity of seeing God’s help and deliverance; and every fresh instance, in which He helps and delivers me, will tend toward the increase of my faith.

Muller actually looked forward to the times where He saw no earthly solution so he could wait on God to deliver. It is a truly remarkable story in today’s age of “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

The book is highly recommended.


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