Resuming the blog posts

In thinking about my time and our goals here in Carrollton, it seemed wise to resume blogging for a while. Writing has been a helpful way for me to focus my thoughts in the past and as we try to reach people who are more far removed from the church it will be important for me to improve my brevity while maintaining the train of thought. I have seen the impact of doing less counseling over the past two years show up in my current counseling – less focus and precision, and I hope writing a little more will help me grow in this area more.

My categories will not significantly change. I will still talk about our ministry life, a Christian way to view current events that strips away conservative political positions to try to find biblical ones and reviews of books I am reading. I also hope to share insights and experiences about how our church model tries to integrate our counseling skills.

Thanks to those who have helped so far and encouraged us along the way. I am so grateful that God has given me a wife that loves me and loves Him more than she loves me.


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