Review – Christian Zombie Killer’s Handbook

Kristen picked up this book for me at a used bookstore because I’ve been modestly into the zombie themed movies and TV shows over the years. The author clearly tried to be creative and capitalize on the cultural love for all things Living Dead in the book and I commend him for it.

On a side note, this is the first book I’ve read using my new reading glasses. Years ago the eye doctor told me these would reduce my eye strain when I’m reading a lot and it turns out he was right. Not sure why I waited this long. Three sets for $10 – can’t beat that with a stick. Buy on Amazon

The book is an interesting approach to the topic of living a Christian life victorious over sin by comparing indwelling sin and its power to a virus that turns people into zombies. He alternates chapters between a  fictional story about a family who tries to live a normal life in the midst of zombie attacks on civilization and the biblical points he’s trying  to make about the root cause of sin and how a Christian can see victory.

The doctrine is pretty good for a book about zombies and while I wouldn’t use it as a biblical counseling text it gets progressive sanctification mostly right IMHO. I do wish he’d have brought in the idea of affections and how sin blinds us from the utterly worthiness of Jesus earlier, but he does mention it toward the end of the book. It’s not heady at all and I think most high school students or even younger could digest the content easily enough.

While the story was fine and entertaining enough, I didn’t find the allegory to be very effective most of the time. Maybe he wasn’t really trying but I think the book would have been more effective if the points he was making in the doctrinal sections were more closely linked to the story chapter that immediately preceded it. I would have liked to see shadows of the next doctrinal point he was going to make in the story and most of the time I couldn’t, especially as I got further into the book.

At the end of the day, nobody should get treated too badly for not being C.S. Lewis or John Bunyan and I give the book four stars for strong readability, creativity and content.



One thought on “Review – Christian Zombie Killer’s Handbook

  1. P. A. Douglas December 26, 2015 / 3:38 pm

    I bought this book at the local book store shortly after it came out. And I have still not read it. Seemed like I cool concept but couldn’t bring myself to read it because it also seemed like one authors attempt to make sales on a gimmick.

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