I guess I’m fat?

So I got my wife a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas this year and we’ve had a blast playing it. I want to go on the record as saying I am the snowball fight champion and the trick is to bob and weave a lot to throw off the other mii’s accuracy. But we’ll save video gaming tips for another blog entry.

Here’s the point of my blog entry today. The Wii Fit tells me I’m overweight. To add insult to injury, it made my little character have a big belly like I’m the front-runner for Santa at Macy’s next year.

I am 5’8″ and 168 pounds at 39 years old. It tells me my BMI is 25.5 and that makes me fat. It’s hard to know my revulsion to this notion without looking at me, but without any tinge of pride I have to say I don’t know a single person who would describe me as “the fat guy”. In fact, most 39 year olds I know wish they had my 33 inch waist and 70ish resting pulse.

So I start asking myself, where does the Wii Fit get off telling me I’m fat? It turns out that like in most cases where something really absurd is discovered, this is from the federal government.

Anyone else who is of enviable weight and waistline can go to the Centers for Disease Control website and be told you are fat also. This is a great consolation for me since even non-wii owners can be incensed like I am. (link)

Why does this matter? Because Democrats are just about to put the government in charge of your healthcare (including the provision that no future Congress can change it). Since their leader cornered the market on the word “audacity” it shouldn’t surprise us. I expect that the Health and Human Services guidelines on health care delivery will mirror their weight limits. Since the CDC site says “People who are overweight or obese are at higher risk for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.”, I expect them to either micromanage my life to their moronic standard to “bend the cost curve” or find a way to punish me for being so abnormal.

There is some good news to all this. The Wii Fit says it will like me again if I get to 145 pounds. If I get there I’ll also get a free set of horned rim glasses and a lifetime supply of pocket protectors so I can fit in with all the other 5’8″, 145 pound geeks out there.